A cemetery stands near a petrochemical plant in Hahnville, Louisiana. (Credit: Getty/Drew Angerer)

In the past 15 years, thousands of local journalists have lost their jobs amid cutbacks and closures at hundreds of local and regional news outlets. Many parts of the country are now “news deserts”: communities both rural and urban with only limited access to credible and thorough reporting about what’s happening in their neighborhoods, towns, and counties.

So we’ve decided to do something about that, and we're calling it DRILLED Local.  We're talking with regional news outlets about partnering up on climate accountability reporting, and working directly with local reporters on new local and regional climate coverage.

Thank you to the  Economic Hardship Reporting Project and  Fossil Free Media for providing launch support for Drilled Local. If your organization would like to talk about supporting local and regional climate accountability journalism, please get in touch. Thanks also to our HotTake newsletter and Drilled Patreon subscribers — you help make all our work possible!

The Climate Election

Climate accountability is on the ballot in 2020, and the choices facing voters seem more stark than ever. So in our first DRILLED Local series, reporters around the country are taking a look at how climate, energy, and environmental justice issues are factoring into local races in Ohio, Louisiana, Tennessee, and more.

This series was conceived and edited by senior editor Emily J Gertz. 

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