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Climate accountability is on the ballot in 2020.

With Donald Trump in the White House, outright climate denial has become federal policy, and the U.S. is squandering the world’s remaining 10 or so years to try and avert a catastrophic climate future.


Trump’s largely successful rollbacks of Obama-era climate and energy policies will drive up our carbon pollution by 1.8 billion tons between 2020 and 2035*. The administration’s catering to the fossil fuel industry is track to cost the public billions in financial bailouts, as well as lock fossil fuels in as a major part of the energy supply for decades.

So Drilled News is inviting time-sensitive pitches for election-related stories that will illuminate efforts to:

  • Deny Americans their right to vote

  • Fight voter suppression

  • Mobilize or suppress voters based on their attitudes about energy, climate change, or climate-slash-environmental justice

We're also looking for:

  • Pitches about races for local, state, and federal office in which climate change, energy, or climate-slash-environmental justice are significant campaign issues.


What We Pay

For this series, we will pay $1 per word for newsy stories in the 600-1000 word range.


What We Want

Your pitch should be two to three paragraphs in length and include:

  • A brief, clear, specific “nut graf”-style explanation of what the story is about, and why it’s important

  • A few key people involved who you’ll interview (or try to)

  • If relevant, information on pre-election-night news hooks for your story

  • Expected word count of the story

  • Your best estimate of how quickly you can report the story — this is not the time to pitch us on your investigative passion project!

  • If you’ve never written for Drilled News or contributed to the Drilled podcast: Three links to recently-published stories


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