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Drilled News is an independent, non-partisan news project focused on covering climate accountability: the drivers of delay on climate action, and who's doing what to overcome them.

We strongly recommend reading all the information on this page before pitching Drilled News. Really!

What Is Drilled News?


We report on why there has been too little action on climate change, the impacts of those delays, and what people are doing now to hold those responsible accountable: from taking the fossil fuel industry to court, to running for elected office, and many things in between.


We do not "both sides" the practical and ethical arguments for ending delay on climate action, but we don't publish hit pieces or puff pieces.


What stories are we looking for?

Currently we're looking for:

National stories: Enterprise reporting related to climate accountability, including media accountability.

Recent stories include:

How a Fossil-Fuel-Friendly Policy Made Its Way Into the Biden Campaign's Climate Plans, by Steve Horn, 9/22/20

Fossil Fuel Companies Are Lobbying Hard for Protection from Coronavirus-related Lawsuits by Workers, by Amy Westervelt, 8/7/20

Repackaged Disinformation: Fossil Fuel's "Next Generation" PR Strategy Is Same Old Climate Deception, by Karen Sokol, 7/20/20

Computer-aided Destruction: Autodesk's clients include fossil fuel firms, so how real are its commitments to sustainability?, by Maddie Stone, 4/22/20

Local stories: Fresh reporting on local and regional climate accountability, ranging from the impacts and influence of the fossil fuel industry on economies, public health, and politics, to environmental justice and the growth of anti-protest legislation and laws.

Recent stories include:

Our inaugural DRILLED Local series of stories about the 2020 election

Palo Alto Paying Over $20,000 Annually to Natural Gas Trade Group Fighting Climate Action, by Dana Drugmand, 10/7/20

What we pay

We currently pay $1 per word.

What to include in your pitch

Your pitch should be two to three paragraphs in length and contain all the things a good pitch usually contains, including:

  • A brief, clear, specific explanation of what this climate-accountability-related story is about, why it’s important, and whether or not it's been covered before

  • A few of the key people involved who you’ll interview (or try to)

  • Proposed word count

  • If you haven't worked with us before: A bit about you and your experience, and at least three links to recent reported stories (not essay or opinion). Note: We seldom have time to wade through your web site looking for your bylines, so strongly suggest including direct links to these stories.


Where to send It

Send your story idea to: pitches@drillednews.com


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